Established in 2018 with the aim of promoting local talent and sharing the best of Cameroonian music with the world, we showcase the most talented musicians, artists and producers on the African continent.

BNP Entertainment started in 2018 when music aficionados (award-winning DJ, Take Away International of Leicester City, UK, renowned music director, El MAESTRO P of Maryland, USA and Ghanaian pianist, Kwodjo P of Maryland, USA) decided to form a record label for the aid and development of emerging artists and bands. Since then, BNP has signed up three emerging artists from Douala, Cameroon and Italy, and has already released a couple of tracks under its label.

We are a record label, a Maryland/Leicester City-based brand extending its footprint into Cameroon.

Cameroon has what it takes to be on top of Africa and compete with the world. But Cameroon’s music industry is plagued with too much backbiting, in-house fights, big artists not wanting to help younger ones without a pay, and exorbitant production, promotion costs. Everyone close to the industry has felt it. BNP has noticed and felt it too.

We exist to make known the artists who create. Our label manages the development of artists and their songs, production of music, and distribution of the products we create.

Our recording studio which is currently under construction in Logpom, Douala, is designed for the perfection of acoustic sound. From the ground up, each space is carefully envisioned and crafted for undisturbed live recording.

What we do

At BNP, we continuously strive to bring the top artists–both legends and fresh talent to life with our diverse range of acclaimed compilations.
From raising consumer awareness of talent to securing and solidifying a fan-base, it all comes back to a genuine passion and love of music for us..

Whether it’s developing new creative talent, managing developed artists, our experience ranges from grassroots to online, to full project campaign marketing.

Our Mission

We believe that a lot of local talent is wasting. We also believe it’s our duty to shine the light on these talents and bring them to the limelight.
BPN doesn’t promise wealth, but it does promise exposure. Because every artist wants to be heard, we strive to make the world hear you.

Our Vision

We see a world where the gifted artist is supported and enabled to pursue the creation of amazing music. We want to be the enabler of that future. We want to be the future of talent management and promotion in Africa.

Our Values

Excellence: We value the idea that what we produce with our artists is not ordinary, but above existing standards.
Originality: We believe that great results are not derived from statistics. Rather, they are the result of refining the already existing talent found within our artists.